What is Access for All?

The Access for All program  is a construction trade apprenticeship readiness training for Detroit residents.   The 9-week “career pathway” strategy prepares Detroiters for successful entry into construction apprenticeships and/or employment in the skilled trades.  Acceptance into to an apprenticeship is like being accepted into college—but even better.  You get to learn the trade and work and make money at the same time; without the tuition.

How does it work?

The program is an intensive 9-week, 270-hour training program comprised of workplace essential skills—safety!, apprenticeship skills, employability skills, life skills, financial coaching, tutoring, work experience, mentoring, supportive service, job placement services and a small bi-weekly stipend.  Punctuality, regular attendance, good character, group participation and demonstrating a willingness to learn and apply knowledge are part of what you are measured on.

How does if benefit students?

Gaining access to a construction career.   Access for All is endorsed by the national North American Building Trades Union ….and completing the program means something to employers.  Over 83% of grads are working at any given time and over 68% of our graduates successfully pass the required tests and interviews to gain access to an  “earn while you learn” construction apprenticeship opportunity.

How does it benefit employers?

The benefits are numerous for both participants and employers, in the construction trades industry. Detroit, Michigan is experiencing tremendous growth in economic development in its downtown areas, and Michigan is increasing the number of road and infrastructure projects.  One of the benefits of this new growth and unprecedented demand for skilled union construction workers are potential commercial and industrial construction jobs in Michigan and in the City of Detroit. This exceptional prospect, combined with the pending loss of a generation of experienced skilled trades union professionals born during the baby boom years, allows the Access for All program to become a major pipeline for training skilled trades professionals to fill new jobs and to develop successful skilled trades career pathways for the residents of Detroit, Michigan.

Entered into apprenticeships

Are Employed

Have industry related employment

Completed the program

What happens after Graduation?

The Access for All program has been very successful.  Our graduates have been hired by over 14 employers.  The hourly wage of our graduates’ range from $12.00/hour to $22.00/hour, with an average starting wage of $15.00/hour.



Karen Tyler-Ruiz

Executive Director, Detroit Regional Workforce Fund& Senior Director, Community Impact – Economic Opportunity,United Way for Southeastern Michigan


Ron Rose

Michigan HRDI


Robert Davis

Manager – MDOT


Donald C. O’Connell

Workforce Development Consultant

Michigan HRDI , inc.

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